Plot twists, detailed narratives, complications, and moral lessons

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There is value to reading thrillers and other types of suspense fiction. They provide a mental workout. As a bonus, when tension-filled stories make your heart race faster, and your neck muscles tighten — you are expelling stress. …

Post-Truth deception does not only belong to either political party

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We live in a time of unprecedented dishonesty, with lies and disinformation permeating our political discourse and online lives. History will tell you that social and political life has rarely coexisted in harmony with the truth and how half-truths, misleading propaganda, and brainwashing have all been practiced. …

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Falling leaves and retreating plant

Are the Stories We Tell Ourselves Facts or Fiction?

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As the wheel of time turns, times come and go, leaving memories that fade to myth, broken like shards of glass — a chorus of voices that grow louder and softer. I suppose that’s why I write psychological thrillers. The monsters within our minds are the memories we can never…

Important to remember those who sacrificed so much

The sun sets on an unpopular war (courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

On August 15, 2021, facing little resistance, Taliban fighters swamped the capital, Kabul, and took over the presidential palace hours after President Ghani left the country. The takeover follows the Taliban’s rapid advance, during which it captured all but two of Afghanistan’s provincial capitals and seized most border crossings.


My strong emotional reaction to foul language

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There is no denying that online hate speech has increased worldwide, attributing to violence. Social media feeds drive views and privileges incendiary content, setting up a stimulus-response loop that promotes outrageous expression.

Hate is a human emotion that is sparked through exposure to…

What happens when the two of us become entangled?

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I’d hoped the world would stay steady on its course. Instead, with ground-eating strides, you crossed eternity and jerked open the door uninvited. Things we once took for granted wrecked the actuality of our view.

It’s only now that I recognized…

Judge, jury, and executioner — assert and punish.

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“Once I thought that anti-Semitism had ended; today it is clear to me that it will probably never end.” — Elie Wiesel, Jewish Holocaust Survivor

Throughout history, anti-Semitism has continued to raise its ugly head. It first appeared under religious pretexts in…

A Case of choosing ignorance over truth.

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We exist in a world where it is not difficult to find extreme forms of social hostility. The case of discourse directed at specific groups is exposed. Prejudice affects not just separate individuals but communities and nations. It moves between people, formulate and reformulated, resisted, or internalized.

Prejudiced attitudes — produced and reproduced.

Extreme prejudice and…

Henya Drescher

Psychological thrillers writer, wife, mother, weightlifter, gardener. Stolen Truth on Amazon.

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