The Bloodiest and Most Publicized Attacks on Women in History.

Feminists, where are you?

Henya Drescher
3 min readOct 31, 2023


Footage released from an interrogation of a captured Hamas terrorist. He tells the interrogator that included in his directives were instructions to rape girls and women. X.

Note: some sections of this article are difficult to read. Stay with me, though. My message is to the feminists.

On Oct. 7, Hamas unleashed a savage assault. They were equal-opportunity killers, kidnappers, and abusers. Their bloody hysteria whacked everyone in their path — babies, the elderly, Israeli Arabs, Thai workers, Bedouins, special needs children, and, not surprisingly, Israeli Jews.

They especially delight in targeting women — raping them, slaughtering them, cutting babies out of pregnant women’s wombs, torturing mothers and grandmothers in front of their families — and, I fear, sexually enslaving some of the hostages.

The world witnessed these travesties because the barbarians gleefully filmed them and then encouraged Palestinians and pro-Palestinian progressives to spread them across social media.

It showed brutal gender- and sexual-based violence, including rape and femicide. One video shows a woman who appears to have been beaten and bleeding into her shorts, forced out of a Jeep in Gaza. Another video shows a woman stripped down to her underwear and lying face down in a truck; her legs twisted at unnatural angles. Hamas gunmen sit on her body, and bystanders spit on it.

These videos and many, many more taken by the terrorists themselves were secondary assaults on the victims’ self-worth. It made this orgy of misogyny one of the bloodiest and most publicized attacks on women in history.

The feminist blindness to these crimes is particularly outrageous given gender studies’ stated commitment to eradicating rape culture, with its silence, its skepticism, its victim-shaming, and its victim-blaming.

But this violation also points to a deeper, endemic scandal the feminist movement has silenced, namely, many radical feminists’ innate aversion to Jewish women and Jewish issues.

Even though many Jews launched the women’s movement, feminism has long had a Jewish problem. From Betty Friedan to Bella Abzug, Jewish women were among the most visible forces in American feminism — even as feminists often…



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