Women Of The World Beware Of Being Erased 👩

A campaign is going on to eradicate the word “woman” from public discourse

Henya Drescher
5 min readJun 25, 2023


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Advocates of gender theory have contributed to the current confusion about gender and sexuality by undermining one of the most foundational realities of what it means to be human: the fact that we are created male and female.

Today there is a rapidly growing global recognition that gender is no longer simply binary; there are more than just two genders, more than just male and female. Non-binary persons also exist, along with gender-fluid individuals and people who identify as bi-gender or agender.

That’s fine and dandy. But many see it as a campaign to erase references to women, feeling that it has reached new levels of absurdity, replacing the word “woman” with gender-neutral terms, such as “womb-carrier,” “birthing person,” or “uterus-bearer,” to be more inclusive.

This shift originates in the activism of transgender advocates and has been taken up by progressive and mainstream organizations and the health sector. At the same time, there is a growing concern among women — born biologically female — that these language changes are causing the erasure of women.

New guidelines in the language you use as a measure of discrimination confuse, and if women are to be punished for using “men” and “women” in their traditional sense, are we saying they must refer to themselves as “people who menstruate” or “people who can get pregnant”? Neither of those even works for women past menopause. So far, no one has even proposed a replacement term.

So the woke position currently amounts to this: women should not talk about themselves as an identity group. That group is now politically incorrect and undeserving of a name, especially undeserving of its old and well-respected name.

I don’t think “gender-neutral” language is neutral at all, and it’s divisive. Feminists are right to call out the replacement of ‘women’ with the deeply creepy and dehumanizing ‘bodies with vaginas.’ Women have fought to be called “women,” not “babes” or “dolls.” We’ve pointed out how women are objectified and asked for respect for our whole selves…



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